New Adventure: Prologue

Today, Malcolm departed for Oxford and so it begins: The NEW Adventure! (Although my Nanna would argue that it’s just the next, as the world is our home and we’re on adventures constantly).  I haven’t departed quite yet, I’m letting my husband chivalrously set up our flat and scope things out, but I will be joining him in a few weeks!

It all feels much more real now – the fact that we’re moving to a new country, leaving our friends and family (for a year or so), starting school again (Malcolm), trying to find a job (me), and getting our first place together (OH NO, what will we do without our Mom/Mum).  My Mother has a brilliant saying: “the anticipation is worse than the participation”  Now you might think from that quote that I am not SUPER DUPER excited – which would be false. My use of cap-locks demonstrates I am clearly thrilled. However, it is change, which brings with it not only incredible possibilities but also the need to let go (which, when you are a control-aholic like me is an itsybitsy bit challenging).  I do think that change is good for us. And I know this coming year is going to be an eye-opening, mind expanding, awe inspiring, heart filling adventure and I am totally up for it!

Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be. -John Wooden 

Before we headed off, we were joined by two dear friends of ours for a brief visit while they were on the West Coast.  Sharing in laughs and catching up makes me very very happy!  I am constantly overwhelmed at how blessed I am to have so many wonderful people in my life. For me, this is what makes my life complete – the people I get to share it with!  So if you are reading this – you’re likely one of those people that makes such a positive contribution to my life, sharing your love, hugs, insight, knowledge & support (no matter where in this world you are), and for that I thank you!

An image I took during my visit to NY.

It also feels appropriate to begin this adventure on this day 9/11… a day that will always reinforce our perspective of what is truly important.  My thoughts are with the people who give so much of themselves not only in times of crisis, but on a daily basis. And my mind also goes to those who are my personal heroes… my anchors.  Your service, your support and your selflessness help and unite us all.

I saw this quote (below) today, and I feel it is an apt reminder for us all.

Fortune favours the brave. — Virgil

Keep your head up, your heart open, your mind focused and your nerves steeled… believe in your dreams, go after adventures, and know what a difference you can make (after all we’re in this together). ~ eh.

Both images were taken during my 2007 Visit to NY.


That BIG somewhere, out there…

After leaving Victoria on July 16th, I will finally return today a month and a half later.  That time led to many thrilling adventures, and home will serve as a brief ‘rest’ before the next adventure begins.  Returning is, naturally, very exciting. I’ve missed my baby, errr Cat a lot and cannot wait for some quality cuddle time.  It will be wonderful to breath the air, and hug the many friends I’ve missed… of course returning also means leaving which is always bittersweet.  I feel very blessed to have friends and family all over the globe.  In one way it’s incredible because I’m often surrounded by those near & dear regardless of where I am.  Conversely, I feel like I am always missing the people I’m not near.

I have always thought I’m slightly insatiable. I can never get never enough.  And frequently the limited time I do get to spend on visits (like the one I just had) mostly serve to remind me how much I love spending time with those family/friends.  The only possible solutions I feel are: cloning, teleporters, or everyone living on a comune. But more on that in another post 😉

I often remember that movie/song… and while it is comforting to a certain extent, just like the envelope of love my mother gives me – it still doesn’t prevent me, a 32 year old woman, from crying in the airport because she’s leaving her Mommy & Daddy. (Oh jeez)

I feel like that is a sign of what is to come because as of the beginning of October I will be heading over to England for a year of new adventures!  Malcolm will be studying and rowing at Oxford, doing a one year masters program and racing in the famed Oxford-Cambridge boat race.  I am thrilled at the possibilities that await across the pond: meeting new people, taking in the history and the culture, travelling-exploring-learning-growing.  I also have a feeling that more people will come to visit, and so there won’t be a need to invest in Kleenex stock as I will have regular doses of the True North Strong & Free.

And so, before I end this I want to say a simple THANK YOU.  My family and friends are so important to me.  I feel that distance truly serves to give perspective on things in life, and the kilometres continually show me how blessed I am to have such incredible people in my life. Thank you for making me smile, laugh, for the old memories and the new ones, for inspiring me, supporting me, pushing me, and helping me.  Thank you for making my heart overflow.

My family celebrating Malcolm’s (and my) return from London