I recently returned to Canada to get a visa so that I can live/work in the UK.  On my journey home a man had a red suitcase and on the side he had written:

Everyone smiles in the same language.

How simple. How true. Let this be in your heart so that we may be open and accepting of one another.  Furthermore let’s remember that each of us can be happy, we simply must choose happiness. If you’re not feeling great, what can you adjust/finesse/change to make you smile? *pssst my key is gratitude, what’s yours? ~ eh.

A new kind of tune…

They say humour is one of the hardest things to pull off.  I have to agree. But I also have to say that when someone is able to combine talent AND not take themselves too seriously it’s often a winning combination. I came across this today and it made me smile. I just wish I had some children to sing to…

(The performance begins around 1:30 if you’re in a rush…)

Feel Good: Oct 23

Do you remember that movie Pay It Forward?  The idea has been around for quite some time although the movie did help to re-introduce the concept to main stream society… the idea that a good deed or action can be paid ‘back’ by sharing a kind gesture with another person.

I do something called the Daily Challenge and one of the ‘challenges’ was to do a random act of kindness. I decided to buy a $5 giftcard at Starbucks and leave it for whomever the Baristas thought could use a little treat. Well, apparently this happens all the time in Winnipeg.  Check out this article to read about how many people there are Pouring it forward! (<- Click on that link to access the article)

How can you share a simple act of kindness, and do your part to making someone’s life, their day, and the whole world a better place?