Give some MO!

As November comes to a close you can see the women of the world a little more jovial and optimistic.  Why? you ask… Well the last day of Movember is upon us, and as a wise man once said: [It’s] A day of much rejoicing and grief all wrapped into one. The ladies cheer and the men shed a tear for the lip fur coats worn at this time of year.  (ps. check out Dave’s Mo Space for his sweet manscaping skills)

I myself am filled with mixed emotions. Pride that my dear husband’s ‘lip fur coat’ is coming on stronger than ever, and relief that it will soon be gone (please no Decembeard).  [Husband Note: at least by the time I’m back! Thanks!]

How convenient that the Boat Race photos were taking during Movember!

This cause is something near and dear to our hearts as Malcolm’s father battled Prostate Cancer.  I know that most of us have known someone closely who have been affected by Cancer. If you’re able I’m asking you to donate whatever you can.  Please feel free to check out Malcolm’s page and donate there (or if you’d prefer go to Dave’s page – the link is above, or even on the Movember site).  Together, we can make a difference!

For more information check out Prostate Cancer Canada!  Thank you for your generosity and support.  My philosophy is: If your Mo can’t be big and full, at least your donation pot can be!

My Mo… putting the boys to shame

Tis the Season

As December quickly approaches, the joy of the season fills the air and Christmas spirit is all around.  I am enjoying the All Christmas Music radio station (in small doses mind you but I am none the less), and have already taken in a few Holiday Movies.  So I thought I would share some “oldies but goodies” to help kick start your Christmas fun!

My brother and I loved this one when we were kids.  It may come under the category of ‘you can’t go back’ rather than classic, but it’s at least slightly amusing! Besides my brother got his classic line “I’ll have one with extra butter” from it! Enjoy a Claymation Christmas!!! (please click on the link. I didn’t find the whole thing on Youtube so I thought I would attach it this way to make it easier to view!)

I also came across The Snowman.  I don’t believe I’ve seen it before, however it is a lovely little fantasy about a young boy’s creation coming to life.  I love how music describes the conversations and drama unfolding throughout their adventure.

What are your Holiday favourites? Songs, movies or specials? I’d love to share in the spirit that makes this season so much fun!

What if money didn’t matter?

I often feel a yoyo of emotions regarding this topic…. I feel so very blessed that I have been able to follow my passions and have been able to make a living at it. Although sometimes that living is a struggle and so I question what the appropriate path actually is (what I love versus .  I think the most important aspect of choosing what we want to do is that feeling of fulfillment and joy.  There are ups and downs to every ‘job’.  Even if we’re doing something we love, it is still work and perhaps not every aspect is a rainbow/puppy dog/fairy tale. But in the overall, for me it has to move my soul. Recently I discovered what my MUST HAVES are for a career. I was coaching in BC, and as I worked with a particular group of young women I saw a transformation within them. They started to believe they were capable of anything, they were focused and determined to achieve their goals and they were responsible for achieving them!  It made me realise my passion is helping people become their best self – in whatever capacity that is.

I love sharing my passion for love, happiness, and health.  I know that using that compass as I guide I can never go wrong.  At times I have wondered “does the world really need another yoga teacher/another happiness blog/another positive quote…” But then I thought – if we’ve seen a rainbow once does that mean we never want to see another? Or have another delicious meal? Or dance to another incredible song? Sip a tasty wine? Savour a chocolate? Ok you get the point.

I’m happy to be part of a revolution of sorts… We CAN be the change we want to see in the world. And I am proud to contribute to that with (hopefully) everything I do!  So, the question is What do YOU want to do?


I recently returned to Canada to get a visa so that I can live/work in the UK.  On my journey home a man had a red suitcase and on the side he had written:

Everyone smiles in the same language.

How simple. How true. Let this be in your heart so that we may be open and accepting of one another.  Furthermore let’s remember that each of us can be happy, we simply must choose happiness. If you’re not feeling great, what can you adjust/finesse/change to make you smile? *pssst my key is gratitude, what’s yours? ~ eh.

Missing the Challenge

Today is the beginning of the Taranis Winter Challenge. A Crossfit competition in Victoria, BC.  Many of my friends will be competing… and I’m thinking of you all. I wish I could be there to cheer you on and support you, but know that I am sending you strength, and wishing you courage as you take on this ‘challenge’. Have fun!

This summer with its many different travels and adventures has limited the amount of time I’ve been able to workout, and at that it’s often been on my own.  Thinking of the Crossfit family in Victoria, the work they’ve put in to be ready for this weekend, and the fun (and awesome hardships) this competition will bring has me missing all of it.

Crossfit to me can actually be summarized in two words: CommunityChallenge.  As a child training in gymnastics, my teammates became my family.  The same thing happened as I bonded with my cheerleading teammates at the University of Guelph, and my classmates at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre.  These friends were more than just friends.  We supported, pushed, and inspired one another.  We enjoyed our common interests and spent so many happy times together.  When I began Crossfit, I experienced that again.  It was so fun to have people to share a new passion with, and bond with outside the gym too.  I realize that being part of a team/group makes life so much more enjoyable and it’s an aspect of my life I’m beginning to miss here…

I also think that my time in gymnastics set me up for life in terms of wanting a goal and then working my butt off for it.  Somehow it just seems to give purpose/direction to things… The challenge of Crossfit and all of it’s diverse elements mean that there is always something to work towards.  I miss that too.  Although I have been trying some new things here – like rowing today (oh yes you read that right). But we’ll see if that becomes fun and joyful because today was well, not so much 😉

I’m feeling very grateful for the people in my life who’ve shared my various passions and have become my family through them.  I hope that wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, you continue to pursue the things you love, that bring you joy and challenge you to new heights!

And of course GOOD LUCK to all those competing at the TWC! 

Good times with good people!


Have you closed your eyes to and felt the warmth of the sun on your face? Have you felt the vibration of the beat or the dance? Has the texture of something created a visual in your mind?

As I watched the video below (that a dear friend has posted on facebook) I was reminded of how deeply we can appreciate something with all of our senses. A change of perspective (due to distance, injury, illness, surprise or any number of factors) can produce a deeper gratitude, understanding and appreciation.

As you live your day, take a moment to explore something in a new way. Appreciate something as you never have before – the colour of music, the smell of a landscape, the architecture of words. Beauty is all around us ~ go deeper.

Dear friend, ~ xo Love Letters

I have heard of it before, but like many things in life the lesson keeps being presented to you until you are ‘ready to hear it’ (or learn it or live it).  LOVE LETTERS.  Back in the day before email, facebook and twitter the way to keep in touch was to write notes to one another.  I remember being pen pals with gymnasts I met at competitions; and to this day I adore writing cards and leaving little notes here and there for my husband.  But there are projects that take it a step further…

Torontonian Lindsay Zier-Vogel created The Love Lettering Project eight years ago and since then it has taken many forms. “Write love to what you love” is the focus and these small tokens of expression give way to moments of happiness, blissful memories, and connections to beautiful people-places-things.

Just over two years ago Hannah Brencher began writing Love Letters and scattering them throughout her city of New York.  An interesting component is that you can request a love letter for someone… and then they encourage you to ‘adopt’ someone, gather a group and write letters together to send a little warmth to someone that could use a kind word.

How simple. How beautiful.
I may not have a bunch of friends to gather round, but I think I’ll go out in search of some nice stationary today and will set aside some time to share a little love. (and I just may drop a nice note here & there around Oxford. Keep your eyes peeled. Perhaps there’s a note waiting for you?!)

“I wish for love” ~ on a wishing tree in Glasgow, Scotland (taken by me during the 2009 UK tour with Sylvain Émard Danse)


Tuesday Smiles…

I’ve had these tabs open in my browser for a while. The videos just make me smile…

This first one is so beautiful and I think highlights our openness and willingness to love. It doesn’t matter what colour, race, shape, religion, or faith we all need love and have so much to give.

This is a touching video too.  This one emphasizes that when we show one another respect we can gain each other’s trust. (plus the lion kind of reminds me of how Basil likes to play too… we’re all just big kids at heart)

I hope your day is filled with smiles, laughter and love!


Window pane/pain = kindness gained

I will never take double pane windows for granted again!!!! It is COLD in our flat except when the radiators are on… and even then they aren’t on for most of the night.  By the time morning rolls around all of the hot air has escaped through the single pain slatted windows (they look like blinds that open horizontally….) Last night we bought a kit to insulate them, and I just did the windows in the bathroom. Next will be the kitchen and then perhaps we’ll get fancy and do some of the windows in the bedroom/sitting room. We’ll see!

During the process, I had to go across the street to a house under construction to see if they had an extension cord (because you need to use the hair dryer to seal it and it wouldn’t reach). They lent me a long power bar and it was oh so useful. When I returned it I gave them cookies (Delicious dark chocolate digestive biscuits) I had just bought. NOTE: I would’ve liked to have whipped up something homemade but time constraints did not permit. They weren’t a big extravagance at only 80p.  and at first the man didn’t want to take it but I insisted. I was so appreciative of their gesture and he seemed happy too. A nice afternoon treat with their tea, and warm windows for me. WIN WIN – hooray everybody wins.

As I was walking back I thought. Being nice is NICE. Having people be nice to me is so NICE! Isn’t it wonderful to take care of and be kind to others. It’s like a big group hug in the day to day of life.

How can you be kind today? Someone like me, is so grateful that you are!!!