I never had the privilege of meeting him, but for the number of times Malcolm has spoken about him I feel like I’ve meet Harry Parker many times.  He was an incredible coach, and a wonderful man.  It is always tragic when the life of someone so gifted is cut shorter than everyone would hope, but his wisdom and passion will exist forever in the hearts and minds of all those he taught, inspired and who’s lives he impacted.

Coaching (or teaching as Harry said in the video below) is one of those blessed professions where you have the ability to make a huge difference in other people’s lives.  And with the best teachers/coaches, more often than not, the greatest impact has very little to do with the subject matter.  My favourite teachers and coaches have helped me in every aspect of my life, become a better person as I picked up those skills/knowledge.  I have seen the impact that Harry has had on my husband, and I know the greatest legacy is to honour those teachings by one’s every day actions.  So Harry, thank you for the role you played in helping shape Malcolm into the incredible man, athlete and rower he is today.

Harry Parker: Why We Row video
Row2K Remembrance Article
Harvard Crimson Article
Harry and Abigail: Doubles Race at Head of the Charles 2012

Class update!

I’m thrilled to announce classes in Contemporary Dance are starting!  The first class will be this Friday!

Contemporary Dance
Intermediate-Advanced drop in(if beginner please contact me! I’d love for you to join too)
Friday 7:30 – 9 pm
Oxford University Club (11 Mansfield Rd), in the basement
£7, £ 5 (concession – for University Club or OUDS members), 5 class pass for £30

Contemporary Classes will feature a warm up, centre exercises, combinations and diagonal work to get us moving, exploring space, and practicing technical elements such as alignment, articulation, clarity, musicality, and performance etc. Erika aims to combine an attention to detail, a sense of play, and a passion for moving through space in an open and fun environment.

I’ll be filling in for my wonderful friend and dancer Helen Wadge’s class this Wednesday:

Wednesday June 19th 7:30 – 9pm
Old Fire Station (studio)
£ 7, £ 6 (concession)

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at erika@erikahoward.ca


I’ll always be…

No matter what age I am…
No matter where I am in the world…

I will always be …. Daddy’s little girl.

This picture captures my dad perfectly.  So in love with his family.  And though I am not always the best at showing it (sometimes it comes through as tough love right?!), I always hold a special (very big & very full of love) place in my heart for my dad.  He, like me, wears his heart on his sleeve.  You’ll see us crying together at something (yes even a commercial), and always quick with a love and a hug.  We’re not perfect, but we’re a lot the same – which is why I think I’m often a bit too hard on the guy (sorry about that papa bear).  But through it all, he’s always been my biggest supporter and number one fan.  I can’t thank him enough for all he’s done for me…. but I’ll love him forever and a day to try to show him.  Thanks for being you daddy!