Class Update: July 11th

My Dear Dancers, Yogis and Yoginis!
First of all I wanted to share how much I’ve appreciated your interest in the classes and for sharing your practice and dancing with me these past few weeks.

I am unexpectedly returning to Canada in order to coach at my old gymnastics club and as a result classes will be on hiatus until next month.  I apologise for any inconvenience this causes. I have really enjoyed the classes we’ve shared and look forward to more in the near future!

The next YOGA class will be Monday August 12th 8-9am

The next DANCE class will be Friday August 16th 7:30-9pm

For more information please check the class calendar page and as always, if you have any questions or feedback I would LOVE to hear from you:

Be well until I see you next, and keep on moving every way you can!!
Best wishes and Namaste!

My Nanna is 90!!!!

Today is my dear Grandmother’s Ninetieth birthday. It is an incredible accomplishment and another exciting highlight in a wonderful life that is far from over!  My nanna, Eris, is a kind, generous and feisty woman. She is the kind of person that when she wants something, it happens.  She makes it happen – through determination, dedication or perhaps sheer will.

I was blessed as a young person to have my grandmother come and live with us.  I was very lucky she was around, especially during high school when she would make my dinners (according to the latest dietary requirements), drive me to practice, and help me remember my apparatus when I was on the way to overseas competitions (TRUE STORY: I’m in the airport waiting to go through the security check, and my nanna casually asks “Are you not doing the hoop at this competition?” After some gasps and sighs my parents quickly drove home to retrieve the hoop – and thankfully we only live a short drive from the airport and I was still able to make my flight!).

I’m so grateful to have such an incredible person related to me, and to be a role model of what a strong, brave and kind woman is.  My dearest Nanna I wish I could be with you today, but thinking of you, celebrating the tremendous ninety years you’ve had already and wishing you many more joyous birthdays to come!