Why not?

It has been just over a week since I arrived in Oxford. The first few days were spent picking up our cat, exploring the shops to find all of the essentials we were missing (for the lowest price possible), and then setting up our little flat.  But since that I feel like I’ve pretty much been L.A.Z.Y

And I have been feeling VERY guilty about it.
Then today I saw this… (Thanks to wonderful yoga teacher Maria Filippone for linking to it)

After watching that I had a little realization. Why do I feel guilty about still being in my pyjamas at 11:30am? Why am I worrying that I’m “not doing enough”? Why do I feel bad about myself for not leaving the house, going to workout, watching all of the X-Factor videos on youtube? Why not? I deserve a little downtime – we all do! Why shouldn’t I have a little r & r and snuggle with my cat while watching every show I can find that is like HGTV here in the UK (Oh how I missed you location location location!)

But I need to own my choices. If I give myself permission to enjoy what I am doing, then those choices can truly be relaxing. Nourishing even. (If not and I harbour guilt towards myself, then my choice isn’t a good one – though we know what the change should be there right?!)  There are many times in my life where every second of the day is accounted for. It is quite lovely not to be in that position. Now if this carried on for months on end – well, that would result in a different blog post right! But for now I have to share my new resolve. I will not feel pressure or guilt simply because I truly don’t have anything to do.

In fact, I would encourage us all to find the joy in what we’re doing. Regardless of whether it is lying on the couch, attending a class in school, going to our job, playing with our children…. there is so much happiness that constantly surrounds us. It is up to us to find it 🙂

Finally, just to show that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree (ok I know he’s not my child, and that I’m becoming that crazy cat lady who only talks about her pet, but whatya gonna do), here’s a picture of Basil. I walked into our bedroom this morning and this is how I found him (all snuggled under the covers – and got into that position all by himself – smart little guy)

Apparently Basil has the same idea!

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