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We are living in an age where our lives are on display, mostly due to the fact that we broadcast it across social media sites and on reality TV.  I know many many people who feel reality shows have no place, and criticize people airing every aspect of their lives to the world. And I have to agree to a large extent. There is a horrible range of shows embracing the worst sides of humanity (cheating etc). BUT, there is another aspect too. An aspect which I have completely fallen for – and a current show that I’m enamoured with. The X-Factor.

It is amazing to watch a person who may never have been given the opportunity to shine, to take their talent, OWN THEIR POWER, and share their passion/love/ability with the world.  In sport we often talk about peak performance state or flow, and in these moments these individuals are in perfect flow!  It gives me so much joy to bear witness to these special times.  I love to celebrate the best in humanity, and I’m thankful that a show like this enables us to connect with interesting people, their fascinating stories, and to be inspired by them laying it all on the line.

Here’s a favourite performance from the UK version…

Ok, another admission… I have a lot more time now that I’m on a ‘work vacation’ at the moment. One of the shows that’s on the TV here is Undercover Bosses. The premise is that a President/CEO of a company dresses in disguise and works a day in various jobs throughout the company.

That in and of itself isn’t interesting. BUT, the stories and experiences that come out of it are truly touching.  The last few episodes have shown individuals who have struggled to achieve what we would call a low-level position, and are often working hard to make ends meet, or support family members etc. Their attitude, determination and perseverance over the challenges they’ve encountered in life resonate with their bosses. They often have valuable suggestions for improvement, or show potential for a higher position – and the conclusion of the show is the most wonderful part. These individuals are informed of the ‘disguise’ and are often rewarded in various ways (through educational scholarships, money to be put towards their interests/families/vacations, developments within the company based on their ideas etc). Perhaps it is my love of humanity, and again seeing people OWNING THEIR POWER, and making a difference with their life that touches me so deeply.  It’s unfortunate not everyone within each company would have that chance, but I realize everything has to start somewhere. 

So why is any of this important?

These shows inspire me so deeply because they highlight what a big difference EACH of us can make with our life. It shows that you can never give up on your dream, and that if you pursue your passion good things can come (…and do have the talent to back it up – let’s be serious I love to sing but I’m not going to be on X Factor unless it’s the ‘car or shower edition’).  Whatever you are doing now, whatever job you are in, whatever your dream is live that will all of your heart. Share your passion with everyone you encounter. Know that you can positively influence everyone you come across. You can be the change. You can be the difference.

One of my favourite quotes of all time is Marianne Williamson’s Our Deepest Fear. In it she says: “And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Shine on!

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