Feel Good: Oct 23

Do you remember that movie Pay It Forward?  The idea has been around for quite some time although the movie did help to re-introduce the concept to main stream society… the idea that a good deed or action can be paid ‘back’ by sharing a kind gesture with another person.

I do something called the Daily Challenge and one of the ‘challenges’ was to do a random act of kindness. I decided to buy a $5 giftcard at Starbucks and leave it for whomever the Baristas thought could use a little treat. Well, apparently this happens all the time in Winnipeg.  Check out this article to read about how many people there are Pouring it forward! (<- Click on that link to access the article)

How can you share a simple act of kindness, and do your part to making someone’s life, their day, and the whole world a better place?


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