Window pane/pain = kindness gained

I will never take double pane windows for granted again!!!! It is COLD in our flat except when the radiators are on… and even then they aren’t on for most of the night.  By the time morning rolls around all of the hot air has escaped through the single pain slatted windows (they look like blinds that open horizontally….) Last night we bought a kit to insulate them, and I just did the windows in the bathroom. Next will be the kitchen and then perhaps we’ll get fancy and do some of the windows in the bedroom/sitting room. We’ll see!

During the process, I had to go across the street to a house under construction to see if they had an extension cord (because you need to use the hair dryer to seal it and it wouldn’t reach). They lent me a long power bar and it was oh so useful. When I returned it I gave them cookies (Delicious dark chocolate digestive biscuits) I had just bought. NOTE: I would’ve liked to have whipped up something homemade but time constraints did not permit. They weren’t a big extravagance at only 80p.  and at first the man didn’t want to take it but I insisted. I was so appreciative of their gesture and he seemed happy too. A nice afternoon treat with their tea, and warm windows for me. WIN WIN – hooray everybody wins.

As I was walking back I thought. Being nice is NICE. Having people be nice to me is so NICE! Isn’t it wonderful to take care of and be kind to others. It’s like a big group hug in the day to day of life.

How can you be kind today? Someone like me, is so grateful that you are!!!

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