Dear friend, ~ xo Love Letters

I have heard of it before, but like many things in life the lesson keeps being presented to you until you are ‘ready to hear it’ (or learn it or live it).  LOVE LETTERS.  Back in the day before email, facebook and twitter the way to keep in touch was to write notes to one another.  I remember being pen pals with gymnasts I met at competitions; and to this day I adore writing cards and leaving little notes here and there for my husband.  But there are projects that take it a step further…

Torontonian Lindsay Zier-Vogel created The Love Lettering Project eight years ago and since then it has taken many forms. “Write love to what you love” is the focus and these small tokens of expression give way to moments of happiness, blissful memories, and connections to beautiful people-places-things.

Just over two years ago Hannah Brencher began writing Love Letters and scattering them throughout her city of New York.  An interesting component is that you can request a love letter for someone… and then they encourage you to ‘adopt’ someone, gather a group and write letters together to send a little warmth to someone that could use a kind word.

How simple. How beautiful.
I may not have a bunch of friends to gather round, but I think I’ll go out in search of some nice stationary today and will set aside some time to share a little love. (and I just may drop a nice note here & there around Oxford. Keep your eyes peeled. Perhaps there’s a note waiting for you?!)

“I wish for love” ~ on a wishing tree in Glasgow, Scotland (taken by me during the 2009 UK tour with Sylvain Émard Danse)


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