I believe…

Deep within my heart I believe that people are good.  I believe that our nature is one of  peace, hope and love.  One need only look at children to see the innocence and caring they display.  Or how we treat animals, or those who are sick or injured.  Being good to one another simply feels good. Loving creates more love. Generosity creates more giving.

In the aftermath of today’s tragic shooting in Newton, Connecticut it’s easy to become pessimistic and expect the worst in others.  I am in no way trying to downplay the heartache, sorrow, and dispair in regards to the lives that were devastatingly lost; however I urge one and all to remember that one bad apple needn’t spoil the bunch.  During many of the most difficult times in history, there have been numerous touching and beautiful acts which stand out as beacons of light and hope amongst the darkness.  If you need to be reminded about some of the best of these please click on the link below – just maybe grab a tissue first!

Events in 2012 that restored our faith in humanity

Every moment we live is a chance, a choice, an opportunity.  We can plant a seed of goodwill, support one another, be patient and kind, show love and generosity, and inspire others to do the same.  What legacy do you want to leave?

We often diminish our value. People tend to think that their lives are not important, or at least less important than others. We see others and appreciate their intelligence, ability, beauty, accomplishments. Yet what if we saw ourselves through someone else’s eyes?  You are an incredible, powerful, capable, talented, and full of beauty, potential and love kind-of-person!  Be what you want to be. Be the good. Be good to others. And together, let’s create the kind of legacy that doesn’t make people question what kind of people we are – but instead remark what kind people we are!

Tell those you love how much you care for them.  Hug them as often as possible.  Light and love ~ eh.

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