Flash Back: Part Two

Here’s one more routine from the 1999 National Championships.
I think it’s amusing that I don’t really remember these routines and they were the most recent, while other routines I could likely still perform (not well mind you but…)

Seeing these videos obviously has me reminiscing. I was quite honestly surprised by some of the things I did.  I enjoyed some of my apparatus handling and the musicality we were aiming for.  Although I realize (now) that I could have been even more expressive – but perhaps that comes with maturity and experience (which I have in spades now haha).  But my overall feeling is that I am proud of my ‘brand’ of gymnastics.

I was never flexible like a contortionist and this code of points didn’t emphasize the big risk elements we see today. But I believe that what we (my coaches and choreographers) were trying to achieve was the whole package – strong technique, interesting apparatus manipulation, expressive choreography and challenging musical choices, all put together in (a hopefully) enjoyable package.

I have to say Thank You AGAIN to Mario Lam for his kindness in transferring these videos.  To have seen these has meant a great deal to me, and I know to my peers of this generation.  I think it is useful to young gymnasts now as well.  We WERE dancing even when the code of points didn’t ask for it.  And if you look at routines from earlier generations as well you can see the challenging risks and handlings they were doing even then!  Sport will always evolve. It has to. But it needs to also remain grounded in “its essence”.  I feel like I was able to capture a bit of the essence of rhythmic gymnastics; and regardless of the outcome of my career I will always be honoured that the path I took and the experiences I had shaped the person I am, the gymnast I was, and the people I met.

Thank you for your kind comments on the previous post.  And to those of you who were my teammates, competitors, friends, and coaches I thank you for the impact you have had on my life.  This is why sport is so important.  You are why sport is so important!

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