What if money didn’t matter?

I often feel a yoyo of emotions regarding this topic…. I feel so very blessed that I have been able to follow my passions and have been able to make a living at it. Although sometimes that living is a struggle and so I question what the appropriate path actually is (what I love versus .  I think the most important aspect of choosing what we want to do is that feeling of fulfillment and joy.  There are ups and downs to every ‘job’.  Even if we’re doing something we love, it is still work and perhaps not every aspect is a rainbow/puppy dog/fairy tale. But in the overall, for me it has to move my soul. Recently I discovered what my MUST HAVES are for a career. I was coaching in BC, and as I worked with a particular group of young women I saw a transformation within them. They started to believe they were capable of anything, they were focused and determined to achieve their goals and they were responsible for achieving them!  It made me realise my passion is helping people become their best self – in whatever capacity that is.

I love sharing my passion for love, happiness, and health.  I know that using that compass as I guide I can never go wrong.  At times I have wondered “does the world really need another yoga teacher/another happiness blog/another positive quote…” But then I thought – if we’ve seen a rainbow once does that mean we never want to see another? Or have another delicious meal? Or dance to another incredible song? Sip a tasty wine? Savour a chocolate? Ok you get the point.

I’m happy to be part of a revolution of sorts… We CAN be the change we want to see in the world. And I am proud to contribute to that with (hopefully) everything I do!  So, the question is What do YOU want to do?